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Well all about me wha I do when i do it and why i did it!?

Sunday, March 10, 2002
Well another interesting day in the life of me, my life really does suck sometimes, then other times I'll be on top of the world, strange really but hey i've stopped caring.
It's mothers day and i woke up feeling, weird half happy half not.Anyway after sitting in bed for about 1/4 an hour my mum came in and I gave her her card, which she loved- its really cute!
Well after stumbling around for another 1/4 of an hour I wandered up to the horses n did my wonderful pigtails, shes my pride and joy I love her so much.
Little sable was an angel but whats new so i put them all out with the help of my mum. Then after that I mucked them all out n went and had breakfast whilst watching vernon kay being a dick as usual on T4.

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